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German Phone Numbers

Germany is a country with a rich past, a unique present, and a promising future. The economy in Germany is the fifth largest in the world and the largest in Europe. The country known for schnitzel and beer dominates in chemical, machinery, auto, and household equipment exports. They have a large, skilled population of workers and their education system has gained global attention in recent years.

Anybody even remotely interested in the multitude of opportunities available to pursuits of commerce will want to find an entry into the German business world. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the easiest and fastest way is to buy a German phone number. Doing business is always easiest when you and your potential partner are geographically connected in some way.

Having a German phone number will make it easier to establish a presence for your business in that part of the world. Below we will look into how you can get a German phone number, how the process works, and then examine why it is financially beneficial to have a German phone number.

german phone numbers
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How to Get a German Phone Number

There are companies that understand the benefit of expanding your business beyond the four walls of your office. Sometimes, expanding to another physical location isn’t financially beneficial or responsible, so they found another way to allow businesses to establish a presence in any part of the world. This “other way” is to buy a German phone number.

Companies like United World Telecom have an inventory of thousands of 800 and local phone numbers to choose from, and within minutes, you are able to use the new phone number to grow your business.

Once your purchase your Germany phone number, you can begin the process of customizing your forwarding options, voice mailbox setup, and operator options. This allows business to run as smoothly as possible, especially if you are working outside the German time-zone.

Financial Benefits of Having a German Phone Number

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a virtual presence in a part of the world where the economy is among the top five, there are industries that are growing rapidly that your business may be able to benefit from. The top industries are the ones that were mentioned above: chemical, machinery, auto, and education.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are the third-largest in Germany and bring in nearly €200 million annually. Additionally, Germany’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries are third in the world for innovation and research, making it a highly desirable field for graduates in technology, chemistry, and mathematics.

If you operate a chemical or pharmaceutical company, or even a company that benefits from advances in those fields, having a Germany phone number will give to increased access to the innovation that takes place every day in this part of the world. This is partially thanks to the government’s High Tech 2020 strategy which makes innovation and collaboration much more expedited. Germany is a country looking toward the future, and if you can contribute to these advancements, you only stand to gain.

The machine and equipment industry in Germany is it’s second-largest industry. The various small-medium sized companies produce a large variety of goods to meet the demands of both domestic and international consumers. Germans have a reputation for order and precision, and in the case of engineering, there is no exception.

Germany is well ahead of almost every other country in terms of their ability to think beyond convention. Having a German phone number will allow you and your business to take part in what is being called the newest industrial revolution – Industrie 4.0. Germany uses cutting edge technology, the best materials, and are mastering the art of automation. They are fast, strong, and unrelenting, and having a virtual presence in this climate of advancement will allow you to reap the benefits.

The automobile industry is Germany’s leading industry. In a similar fashion to the machine and equipment industries, the automobile industry leads the world in precision, excellent design, utility, and performance. The world knows it too, as seventy-seven percent of all cars that Germany made, were made with the intent to send them to international dealers.

Demand is high, and opportunities are waiting. If you want any part in this titan of an industry, that German phone number will take you far as you deal with local vendors. They want to know they are dealing with somebody close, somebody they can trust – a neighbor. Having your German phone number to make these connections will place you ahead of the competition who will appear foreign on a caller ID.

It is worth mentioning as well that Germany has gained international attention for its decision to make undergraduate education free for everybody. Domestic and international students alike can attend top public universities for free. Germany is not at the cutting edge of so many industries, how they treat their education system may be the next big thing for other countries to begin to follow.

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