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Select Country Forwarding

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What is Select Country Forwarding?

Our select country forwarding allows businesses to route calls from different countries via international toll free numbers to specific phone numbers.

What it does?

It is a value adding call forwarding feature that enables businesses to re-direct and forward calls from a selected area code to selected extension numbers/phone numbers. For example this feature can be used to forward calls from German speaking countries to extension numbers of your Austrian and German staff members.

To use select country forwarding feature to your advantage, businesses must first choose the predefined country code and specific phone numbers on which incoming calls will be directed to. For example you can select French area code to forward incoming calls from this country code to your Paris office.

This feature enables you to forward calls from a selected country code to a specific phone number. With this feature you can route calls coming from different countries to specific phone numbers.

Benefits of Select Country Forwarding

This add-on feature offers a plethora of benefits to businesses. This includes benefits like:

  1. Improved Customer Service
    This feature helps offer improved customer service. You can forward calls from a selected country code to extension numbers of those employees who are fluent in the selected country’s language thereby offering much better customer service to the caller.

    Let’s take a look at an example to understand this: let’s say you have Chinese employees working as sales representatives in your office. And your business also caters to the Chinese market. Though English is a universal language, still there are many countries including China who are not fluent in English and people from these countries would prefer to communicate in their local language. This feature can be quite useful to cater to such clients who are not proficient in English and would rather communicate in their local language. Using select country forwarding feature, predefine the country code of China and direct calls from China to Chinese employee extension numbers. So, when the callers from this area code call, they can easily and comfortably communicate with your Chinese employee and your staff can cater to them successfully.

  2. Increased Business Efficiency
    Using this feature you can easily increase your business efficiency. Calls from international toll free numbers incoming from pre-defined area code can be directed to specific numbers. This removes the constant back and forth of calls as the calls will be directed to the right customer service department and to the right customer service team. This will boost your business efficiency as the representatives won’t have to spend time forwarding the call to other representatives who can cater to the caller in a better way. This service is ideal if you have company offices spread globally or if you are thinking of global expansion.