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Fears of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have put cities and countries on lockdown and forced businesses to shut down. Fortunately, most businesses and job positions have the opportunity and ability to use virtual business tools and ask employees to work from home. And this is made easy with the advancements in technology. So, what are some options your business can adopt during these uncertain times?

Remote Work Solutions for COVID-19

Whether you’re a small business or a large company, you may choose to allow your employees to work from home. At least, for the next few weeks as everyone keeps an eye on the growth and spread of the coronavirus. Virtual business tools can help your business stay on track even as employees work from home. These tools include virtual numbers with call forwarding abilities, management systems, chat tools, video conferencing, and more. The following article will include some options to consider:

Get a Virtual Phone Number

You can easily get a virtual number from a service provider like Global Call Forwarding or port your existing number to us today. Doing this will allow you to take advantage of other virtual communication tools that can help immediately. You can use call forwarding, call transfer, outbound calling, customized greetings, and more. This will help your business maintain communication with its customers and clients. Right now our  COVID19 promo code allows you the opportunity to get $5 off our Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Why wait? Take your communications to the cloud level and continue to run your business remotely.

Getting or porting your number with us is quick and easy. You can have the number ready to use in a few minutes. And you can then have business calls forwarded to your home office or personal line, or have it directed to your customer support team members’ phone lines. In fact, our Simultaneous Ringing feature enables you to have all incoming calls ring on multiple phone lines. This could be your number, your sales team’s home or personal lines, and so on. This ensures that someone will answer the phone and business can still continue. And so, sales and customer support teams can continue to serve existing customers thereby not degrading the quality and standard of your service.

You can set up interactive voice response (IVR), an automated system, to answer calls and greet customers by offering them company updates revolving around the coronavirus. Or, simply add a custom greeting that lets callers know your business is still running and you can still provide them the service they need. Additionally, you can transfer calls to other team members or have calls forwarded to them during specific times of the day. There are many cloud communication tools available, but which ones your business needs depends on what services you want to offer.

Video Conferencing and Chat Tools

Video chatting and conferencing is another virtual business tool that can be used for remote working. You can stay connected with your employees and track their progress or conduct online meetings with video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and so on. You can schedule meetings, share screens to demonstrate the material, share important files, and documents, and more.

Online Content and Project Management Systems

Take your tasks online. Use online project management systems or apps to remain connected with employees as well as track tasks and projects that need to be completed. You can have different team members work and collaborate on a task and watch its progress. Set deadlines, due dates, and log time for important and prioritized projects. Some popular systems are Teamwork, Slack, Monday, Trello, etc.

Be Productive and Efficient Even When Working Remotely

Most businesses worry that remote working will decrease productivity and slow down the overall success rate. This can be countered with virtual options which ensure that employees can stay on task even outside the office location. For more information on how our cloud communication tools can support your work-from-home days, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to talk to an expert.