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Is Your Business Still Using a Landline? Times Have Changed!

IS your business still using a land line

Landlines have been seeing a decline in not only personal use but business use as well. This is due to many factors, including the ease and usefulness of a mobile …Read More »

Opening a Virtual Location Abroad

Opening A Virtual Location Abroad

Starting a business in your home country isn’t easy, but it’s even harder to open a business abroad. Also, if you already have an established business in America, it takes …Read More »

Using Phone Numbers with Extensions

Using Phone Numbers with Extensions

When starting your own business, one of the best decisions you can make is using phone numbers with extensions. Virtual phone systems come with a variety of features including extension …Read More »

Ways Climate Change is Altering the Way You Do Business

Climate Change

It may not be extremely obvious to some, but climate change is altering our world so drastically that all businesses will need to undergo some form of transformation in order …Read More »

Calling Your State and Local Legislators Concerning Environmental Concerns

Calling Your State and Local Legislators

How Do You Communicate With Your Legislators? One of the best things that you can do in order to ensure that your senators and representatives are paying attention to issues …Read More »

Why Business Leaders Need to Focus on Sustainability Efforts

leader focus on sustainability

It is one thing to acknowledge an issue and it is an entirely different thing to actually decide to do something about it and act on those plans. The conversation …Read More »