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Buy a UIFN Number

buy a UIFN number for your business

In this article, we’ll cover how to buy a UIFN number for your business, as well as cover what UIFN numbers are, and what benefits they can bring to your organization. 

What are UIFN Numbers?

UIFN numbers are short for “Universal International Freephone Numbers.” These phone numbers are conventional toll free numbers that include an additional digit at the very beginning (they are typically comprised of eleven total digits), which enables a wider range of toll free calling for businesses that operate in multiple markets around the world. 

Also referred to as Universal Toll Free Numbers, these phone numbers work almost exactly like virtual phone numbers with toll free capabilities that can work across multiple countries. Instead of having to manage numbers for every individual nation in which your organization operates, businesses can buy a UIFN number that will work for customers calling from multiple countries.

Because of this versatility, there are a few variations and requirements to set up, including differences related to dialing prefixes depending on which countries the company’s business contacts will be making the calls from.

Here are some more important facts about UIFN Numbers:

  • UIFN numbers work across multiple countries and must be registered in at least 2 nations
  • UIFN numbers must be in service in 2 or more countries within 180 days from the day the phone number was first reserved
  • UIFN numbers require a registration fee, paid once

It should be noted that UIFN numbers can be more challenging to obtain than a standard international toll free phone number. However, thanks to United World Telecom’s efforts to streamline the process for its customers, it has never been easier to buy a UIFN number.

Buy UIFN Number
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How to Buy a UIFN Number from United World Telecom

United World Telecom, a well-established service provider of virtual phone numbers with a long-standing reputation (20+ years) for excellence, sells UIFN numbers. Here is the process to buy a UIFN number:

  • Start by visiting United World Telecom’s homepage at
  • On the homepage, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore the services and resources of United World Telecom, which offers a wealth of telecom options, instructive blogs, how-to’s, and so forth. 
  • Once you’re familiar with United World Telecom, you’ll want to submit a corporate request for UIFNs at This includes a simple form, where you’ll submit your first name, last name, email, phone number, type of request, and a brief description of how your organization is interested in using UIFNs.

While you can purchase UIFNs through the typical process used for virtual phone number subscriptions, the assistance of company representatives from United World Telecom can help you make more informed decisions and streamline the process, such as by offering estimated costs on particular countries that you intend to use. Note that when you buy a UIFN number, there is a setup fee, and only certain countries can be selected (additional fees for additional countries may apply). Additionally, more countries can be added at a later date to an existing UIFN number as needed. 

Benefits When You Buy a UIFN Number from United World Telecom

As mentioned, there are a number of key benefits related to UIFNs that make them a viable option for international businesses:

  • UIFNs enable your business to offer free calling in multiple countries. This broadens your potential customer base by enabling those who would ordinarily be barred from reaching your business to now have easy access without service blockages, long-distance fees, or dialing outside of their normal service network.
  • Thanks to United World Telecom’s integration of cloud computing developments into its services, subscribers can take advantage of a wealth of add-ons that can add new functions to your business model. Some of these add-ons include call recording, time of day routing, simultaneous ringing, CallMe Click, failover forwarding, and more. 
  • Providing UIFN numbers on your website and marketing materials allows customers and other business contacts to have easier access to your company. In turn, this expands the business’ availability as well as broadens available opportunities. Allowing access through UIFN numbers helps establish a global presence for a new company and it can drive further growth for an already-established global brand. 
  • Because of the emergence of virtual communication techniques worldwide, such as virtual offices and virtual locations, United World Telecom offers customized communication products and services that can enable international business owners the ability to reduce the reliance on physical call centers and branch offices in select countries. Instead, substituting them with a UIFN number and advanced call forwarding features can offer better service to your customers and clients. Consequently, these options help businesses to save significantly on resources, removing the need for a physical presence in each region or country that they operate in.