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European Toll Free Numbers

Whether your business is comprised of a small e-commerce website or a large multinational corporation, the idea of expanding to new markets can very likely seem like the next logical step. Some businesses will make a decision to expand to a new country to take advantage of more readily available materials. Another business owner may opt for global expansion to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of a particular workforce. Whatever the case may be, expanding into Europe offers many benefits for companies of all sizes to enter, establish a presence, and fully benefit from all that Europe has to offer. Establishing European toll free numbers in these markets is a first step in communicating with those local to the area, in order to learn more about the market and to establish a solid presence.

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Expanding a Business to Europe with European Toll Free Numbers

Europe is a desirable option for United States businesses looking to expand outside of the United States. Europe is a continent bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. It is divided into 50 sovereign states, of which the Russian Federation is the largest and possessing the greatest population.

The European Union, which is a political entity, is made up of 28 states and represents the largest single economic area in the world. 19 of the nations in the European Union share the same currency, the euro. With nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in the European Union, Europe has a lot to offer a company aiming to expand into these markets.

Prior to entering a new market, one of the first steps a business may take is in establishing a reliable means of communication with those in the new market. Whether it is in the planning stages and aiming to communicate with vendors, suppliers, manufacturers or other business contacts, or the company has already begun to operate in the new nation and is aiming to communicate with customers, having a reliable means of doing so is key.

Enhancing Your Business with European Toll Free Numbers

United World Telecom offers European toll free numbers and local numbers to assist companies of any size in establishing a solid communication system within their new market. United World Telecom’s virtual phone number setup is straightforward, removing the stress of setting up costly and complicated communication systems.

Having a reliable means of communication in place allows for business owners to put time into other necessary areas when expanding or launching into a foreign market. Some of these areas include research into the new market’s culture, laws, common business practices, and the economy. The European economy is the largest worldwide. Because of its substantially sized consumer market, amongst other advantages, Europe has become the market of choice for many United States businesses aiming to expand to nations outside of the United States.

Key points to keep in mind for companies aiming to expand to Europe:

  • Interests and preferences within Europe vary from state to state
  • There is a large focus on innovation and new technology
  • European consumers base many purchase decisions on quality and current design trends rather than price, though pricing is still a factor in decision-making

In order for any business to be truly successful in the European market, a company should first establish a reliable means of communication with those in their new target market. Offering customers and other business contacts European toll free numbers is a top means of achieving this. A customer can place a call via European toll free numbers at no cost to them and the company can establish a presence in the new market without being physically present in the market. These benefits make using toll free numbers an excellent solution for businesses of all varieties.

Get European Toll Free Numbers from United World Telecom

United World Telecom’s prime focus has been in the area of providing global communication solutions for businesses for over two decades. European toll free numbers can be set up for over 150 countries across the globe through United World Telecom. An extensive number of features are also offered to partner with their phone numbers and this further increases efficiency and success for your business.


European virtual numbers are business phone numbers for European countries. Locals within these countries can call your European number for free or local calling rates.

No, your business can be headquartered anywhere in the world and have calls routed to your office phone, smartphone, or laptop.

United World Telecom offers a variety of European numbers phone numbers for businesses looking to expand to this part of the world. Sign up on our website or call us to learn more!

Enter local European markets with European toll free numbers. Increase global sales by encouraging locals to interact with your business for inexpensive calling rates.