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5 Marketing Industry Secrets & Why Toll Free Numbers Are Awesome

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Having a strong marketing team will give your business the boost it needs to get an edge over the competition. The marketing landscape and how you contact customers is always changing. From the rise of the information age to social media, and running a successful contact center, the options could be overwhelming. There are a few ways that you can be sure your business stays ahead of these trends.

Marketing demands both analytical and creatively-minded employees that can execute untraditional thinking that has also undergone careful analysis. Focus on building a core marketing team that can think outside of the box while staying in budget. The most important thing that any marketer knows is that it is all about the customer. In order to please your customers and run a successful business, keep the following 5 Marketing Industry Secrets in mind.

1. Look To Your Competition

The best place to begin is to look at other businesses in your industry, or even other industries, and see what is working for them. Once you have honed in on a few marketing strategies, you can reverse engineer them into working for your brand. All of these marketing strategies will have been created with a long and careful planning process which analyzes risks and rewards. You can begin the process by adding your own creative spin and running the numbers for your particular business.

2. Think Outside of the Box

While learning from other successful businesses and reverse-engineering is the best way to get started, eventually you are going to have come up with ways to not only compete with those other businesses but to beat them at their own game. Find ways to market in ways that other industries haven’t stumbled upon yet. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks because no matter the outcome you will have gained experience.

3. Communicate

Something businesses often overlook is how often they should be communicating with their customers. The truth is although you may not have 24 hours in a day to speak with your customers, you need to be available to them. It is important to place on your website all the ways that your customers can reach you, that way they feel they can trust you and your product. The easier you are to get ahold of, the more confidence customers will have in your product. Advertise your toll free number on billboards, your website, your social media sites, and infographic flyers. Whatever way you choose to advertise your company, your toll free number should be visible. If your business does not yet have social media sites or toll free numbers, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Most social media sites are free unless you choose to pay for extra marketing strategies. Toll free phone numbers have few startup costs because there is no equipment required to get started and many companies have a variety of plans to choose from that will be affordable for your company. Toll free numbers and social media sites make it easy for your customers to get in touch, while toll free numbers add a professional touch that your small business may not have had before.

4. Never Change and Always Improve

This may sound contradictory, but your company needs to remain a steady and reliable establishment in your customers’ eyes, but your company cannot take a lax stance on the changing marketing landscapes. Tried and true methods will work, but not if you want your business to be more than mediocre.

5. Be Results-Oriented

There are many ideas floating around about the best way to market your business, but none of it matters if the results aren’t there. On day one of your new business venture, you should begin building data. Consider all aspects of your business when analyzing your data stream. Be aware of what is performing well and what can be altered or cut loose from your budget. Starting out strong with this measuring tool will ensure that your business can keep up and overtake the competition by understanding what drives your revenue.

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