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International Virtual Number Providers

International virtual phone numbers are becoming more and more prevalent as an increasing number of businesses go global. These types of phone numbers can forward incoming calls to any predetermined and pre-set phone number chosen by the business owner. There are a number of international virtual number providers who offer their products and services today, but the offered features vary from one provider to the next. United World Telecom is one of the most well-established international virtual number providers, having been in the market of global communication solutions for both personal and business use for over 20 years.

The Best International Virtual Phone Number Provider
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United World Telecom offers unique, highly advanced features that focus on things that are of special importance to businesses. If you are a business owner looking for a low-cost and easy international communication means, international virtual number providers can be of great help. United World Telecom mixes low-cost, advanced features, and excellent customer service to offer you the perfect balance of what you need and wish for.

Use International Virtual Phone Numbers to Create a Local Presence

As a business owner, with the assistance of international virtual number providers, you can present a main business line to your customers or get a phone number with a different area code from where your customers are geographically based. This will allow customers to make and receive calls using their personal mobile phones, though these calls will appear to come from and to the virtual phone number you have purchased.

United World Telecom’s virtual phone service offers quick, simple, and economic solutions that will boost the professional appearance of your company. The setup is not time-consuming or complicated, and any modifications that need to be made at any point can easily be made through an online control platform.

A Wide Array of Features are Available

Some of the features that you can enjoy as part of your international virtual phone number plan are voicemail to email, call forwarding, the ability to record customized greetings, and rollover minutes, so that you do not lose any of the minutes you have paid for. United World Telecom also offers a free trial, so that you can get an idea of how the virtual phone number setup and usage process works. This will give you some time to ponder what features will be best for your company.

Communication is key in running a business. Whether it comes to the execution of a marketing campaign or everyday activities of business where customers, vendors, manufacturers and other business contacts will need to contact you and your staff, virtual phone numbers provide benefits that any other communication plan simply do not. No matter which global audience you are aiming to reach, international virtual number providers allow you to give your customers a local or toll free method of contacting your business. Not only does this give your company the advantage of appearing to have a local presence (even if you are not physically located in that market), but it also ensures that potential customers will not have to pay extra to just reach out and communicate with your business.

Location Matters, Even Virtually

A local presence changes everything as it gives your business the appearance of a friendly, local company. For anyone considering generating business to other markets around the world, international virtual number providers are an important consideration.

Research indicates that approximately 88 percent of consumers who search for a local business through the use of their mobile device wind up reaching out to their chosen business within 24 hours time. In other words, consumers are using the Internet and mobile devices to find local businesses, which means that business owners should aim for a local presence. International virtual number providers and virtual phone numbers can give you the local presence you need to reach the valuable market you wish to enter.


International virtual number providers offer international virtual phone numbers that can be used by businesses for global expansion.

International virtual number providers offer custom phone number plans along with advanced and premium virtual communication tools such as call forwarding, call recording, cloud IVR, automation, and more.

With international phone numbers, your business can enter global markets and create a local presence to attract more customer attention.

International virtual number providers offer virtual phone numbers for different countries across the world. United World Telecom, for example, provides business virtual numbers for more than 160 countries worldwide.