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Kall8: Pricing, Reviews & Alternatives

Looking to purchase toll free numbers from a virtual phone service provider? Consider the differences between toll free telephony service Kall8 and one of the prominent Kall8 alternatives, United World Telecom. Here, we look at Kall8 pricing, reviews, and more.

Kall8 reviews
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Kall8 Pricing

Kall8 United World Telecom
Lowest Plans $5 / month $12.95 / month
Number of plans available 2 5
International numbers offered No (USA/Canada only) 160+ countries
Set up fee Yes – $5 No
Free Trial No Yes
Important Features Offered
Call Forwarding
Customizable Caller ID
Outbound Calling
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call Announcement
Call Conferencing
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
Rollover Minutes
Call Recording
Payphone Blocking
Black and White Lists
Vanity Numbers
Call Distribution
Call Logs & Activity
Number Parking
Reports & Analytics
Account Management

Kall8 Plans

Standard / Repeater / Vanity Premium (800 number)
$5+ / month $25+ / month
United World Telecom
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Standard $12.95 / month $23.95 / month $78.95 / month $158.95 / month $248.95 / month
Standard Calling Minutes 200 551 2,100 5,095 10,505
Premium (800 number) $18.96 / month $38.95 / month $78.95 / month $158.95 / month $248.95 / month
Premium Calling Minutes 293 869 2,100 5,095 10,505

Understanding United World Telecom’s Pricing Structure and Features

United World Telecom’s pricing structure is pretty straightforward. Plans are structured based on the size of a business and its call volume, that is how much it spends on incoming and outgoing calls. Keeping the calling minutes in mind, a small business will find the Basic or Value plans useful. On the other hand, a call center or large corporation will look for a plan that covers more calling minutes like the Premium or Enterprise plans. Now, all these plans come with a basic set of features that assist companies with their communications:

  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Black and White Lists
  • Call Transfer
  • Customized Greeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Failover Forwarding
  • Fax to Email
  • Local Ringback Tones
  • Simultaneous Calling
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 24/7 Customer Support

These aside, you can get more enhanced features for a small additional fee and these features further upgrade the way your company communicates:

  • Call Recording ($3 monthly fee, additional 2¢ per minute)
  • Outbound Calling with Customized Caller ID (starting at $25 monthly, based on plan)
  • Rollover Minutes ($15 monthly fee, first 3 months free).

Understanding Kall8’s Pricing Structure and Features

Kall8 has two price models: Standard and Premium. The standard plan includes standard toll free numbers (888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833), repeater, and vanity toll free numbers. The Premium plan is for premium 800 toll free numbers, which is why it is more expensive. Repeater numbers have repeating digits while vanity numbers have letters inserted that spell out a word. Both these numbers work towards making your business number memorable. And the prices for these numbers start at $5 but go as high as $300 for set-up and monthly fee each. Basic features that come with a Kall8 subscription are:

  • Call Blocking
  • Caller ID Display
  • Call Notification Emails
  • Conferencing
  • Custom Call Forwarding
  • Maximum Call Length
  • Online Management
  • Virtual Calling Card
  • Voice Mail & Fax

Additionally, Kall8 also has enhanced features with important business communication tools:

  • Address Lookup (automatic 12¢ per address and individual 50¢ per address)
  • Business Text Messaging ($5 monthly fee)
  • Call Announcement ($2 set up and $2 monthly fee)
  • Call Recording ($10 low volume monthly plan and $60 high volume monthly plan)
  • Hunt Groups ($5 set up and $5 monthly fee)
  • Lead Management ($15 set up and $15 monthly fee)
  • Payphone Blocking ($10 one-time “per change” fee)
  • Virtual PBX ($50 set up and $25 monthly fee)
  • VoIP Termination ($25 one-time set up)

However, having only two plans and more expensive features gives Kall8 alternatives an advantage over it. This is because other providers like United World Telecom offer a spectrum of options and a small fee for additional features.

Kall8 Reviews and Alternatives

Choosing a toll free service provider can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. You want a toll free service that provides you good quality service for a price that fits your budget. And if it has additional tools and features that boost communications, then you’ve found the pot of gold! Contact us to learn more about how United World Telecom can assist your business with all of your communication needs.