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CallHippo: Pricing, Reviews & Alternatives

Established in 2017, CallHippo is a cloud-based virtual phone solution that offers local and toll free phone numbers for businesses. On the other hand, since 1996, United World Telecom has been offering toll free, international, and local numbers to businesses in more than 160 countries worldwide. Let’s research CallHippo pricing, reviews, and top alternatives like United World Telecom.

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CallHippo Pricing

CallHippo United World Telecom
Lowest Plans $0 / month for two users $12.95 / month
Number of plans available 4 5
International numbers offered 50+ countries 160+ countries
Set up fee No No
Free Trial No Yes
Important Features Offered
Multichannel Customer Support
Account Management
Unlimited Extensions
Call Logs & Activity
Customizable Caller ID
Outbound Calling
Call Distribution
Call Recording
Simultaneous Ringing
Call Forwarding
Voicemail to Email
Rollover Minutes
Reports and Analytics
Vanity Numbers
Interactive Voice Response
Black and White Lists
Number Parking

Plans: US Toll Free Numbers

Basic Bronze Silver Platinum
CallHippo $0 / month for two users $8 / month per user $15 / month per user $35 / month per user
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
United World Telecom $12.95 / month $23.95 / month $78.95 / month $158.95 / month $248.95 / month

Differences in Pricing Structures

When deciding on a provider for your business communication needs, you need to consider different pricing structures to understand if you really are getting a good deal for the quality of service provided. CallHippo has 4 monthly plans. However, the total amount of each plan also depends on the number of users using the features. United World Telecom, on the other hand, has 5 monthly plans depending on the size of your business. You can also choose additional features like Call Recording, SMS Forwarding or Outbound Calling for a small additional fee.

CallHippo Reviews

Both CallHippo and United World Telecom offer a variety of business phone number types. Business numbers help companies and enterprises connect with contacts and potential clients across the world. They come in different forms and as virtual numbers:

  • Toll free numbers
  • International toll free numbers
  • Local area numbers

CallHippo has local and toll free numbers in about 50 countries. However, CallHippo alternatives offer much more than that. For example, United World Telecom has toll free, international, local, and UIFN numbers in more than 160 countries. And we also offer vanity numbers which let you insert letters or patterns within your number, like 1-888-LIGHTSS or 855-666-6666. These types of numbers are especially useful in marketing endeavors.

Other Differences

CallHippo offers various integrations that can work along with your phone system to streamline and organize calls. Some of these include ZenDesk, Slack, Zoho, Zapier, etc. United World Telecom, on the other hand, works with Zoiper, X-Lite, MicroSIP, etc. Additionally, United World Telecom offers a call page widget that can be placed on your company website. Website visitors can click this button, add their contact information, and receive a call from your company instantly. This is a great way to drive up sales from your website.

Customer Support

Another important factor to consider when finding a new service is its customer support team. Do they have a strong and easy-to-reach team that can resolve your issues without time or money wasted? CallHippo and United World both offer great customer service. You can get in touch with a rep through email, chat, phone, or trouble tickets.

CallHippo Alternatives

With virtual phone numbers, both CallHippo and United World Telecom promote virtual and global business growth. They provide different options for businesses to experiment with and customize to suit their requirements. And so, when deciding which provider is ideal, you must compare what they have to offer and how they can assist you specifically in reaching your goals.