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In the global landscape of business communications, one cannot overstate the importance of a robust, adaptable system. Especially with newer cloud telephony solutions replacing legacy phone systems, there is a greater need to upgrade and update your business communication system. With our flexible phone service, your business can:

  • Add cloud telephony to your existing infrastructure
  • Upgrade functionality with modern calling features
  • Scale locally or globally
  • Communicate cost-effectively and with high call quality

Increased Flexibility for your PBX

United World Telecom is designed to help you streamline and increase the functionality of your business phone system. Our cloud phone service integrates seamlessly with your current setup, including a variety of desk phones and third-party PBX systems. Whether your infrastructure is built on open-source PBX or you’re exploring VoIP solutions such as SIP trunking, we can help you do more!

By pairing PBX and SIP trunking, you can customize and build a business phone system that works for your communication needs. No need to be stuck in long-term contracts or deal with unsatisfactory call quality. Design a phone system that prioritizes call quality, connectivity, team productivity, and flexibility.

Build a Custom Business Phone System

When upgrading your business communication system, you’ll find different options available on the market — pre-made solutions, no-code plugins, a la carte offerings, and so on. Depending on your current communication setup and budget, you may need to only spruce up your system by adding services to increase your existing system’s functionality, instead of investing in a whole new service.

That’s where we can help. Easily plug our service into your open-source PBX or legacy phone system.

By pairing our cloud phone solutions with your PBX, you can leverage the full potential of their in-house IT and development teams as well as modern communication features.

SIP Line vs Trunk

SIP Trunking from United World Telecom

SIP trunking is a critical component in modern business communication, offering a bridge between traditional phone systems and the digital world. With United World Telecom, your business can access global SIP trunking services, supporting up to 30 simultaneous two-way connections.

Our service is fully compatible with leading open-source PBX solutions such as Asterisk, FreePBX, and more. With this compatibility comes substantial cost savings, easier management, flexibility, and advanced features.

This solution not only brings your desk phone system into the cloud age but also enhances your cloud or on-premise PBX with advanced voice and call management features. Whether your setup involves direct inward dialing (DID) or requires complex call routing, our service ensures seamless connectivity and efficiency.

SIP trunk pricing from United World Telecom starts at $32.95 for 10 channels by default. Custom SIP trunk pricing is available for larger orders.

How to Set Up SIP Trunks within PBX Systems?

Compatible with both paid and open-source leading PBX solutions, our SIP trunking service allows for a wide range of configurations and integrations. United World Telecom offers a SIP trunking service with a full set of advanced features.

Integrating our SIP trunk service with your existing infrastructure is straightforward:

  1. Purchase the necessary SIP trunks from our website
  2. Input your SIP credentials into your PBX system.
  3. Configure your call routing and forwarding rules for advanced call management.

Our step-by-step guides and 24/7 tech support make setup a breeze.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Communication Needs

Finding the right SIP trunking provider means taking time to assess your specific needs and budgetary constraints. United World Telecom offers comprehensive, customer-focused support to ensure that your transition to enhanced desk phone support is smooth and efficient. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding our services and how they can complement your existing PBX system.

Get PBX Support with United World Telecom

Our commitment to flexibility means that your business is not confined to one-size-fits-all solutions. With United World Telecom, you have the freedom to design a communication system that truly aligns with business objectives. Use this to maximize employee productivity and enhance customer experience.

Chat with us online or call us at +1 (561) 908-6171 to discover how we can transform your business communication infrastructure.