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Worldwide Phone Numbers

Worldwide phone numbers can completely transform the way you conduct your business communications. They provide you with numerous benefits including lowering the expenses of your current business phone and giving your company a professional image, even if you are running a small business. What’s more, worldwide phone numbers can also help you with your personal communications.

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Benefits of Worldwide Phone Numbers

One of the many benefits of worldwide virtual phone numbers is that they enable you to choose your location. The base of your communications can be in any city or country. This allows you to move your perceived location. For example, your company may be located in New York, but you can have worldwide virtual phone numbers in London, Paris, Milan, and many other global locations. If you are living outside of the U.S., you can still have a U.S.-based number by using worldwide phone numbers.

Your customers will assume that your company is a global operation and will also think that you have a local office in the country that they are calling from with your worldwide phone number.

You can choose to leverage this advantage in different ways. It’s entirely up to you. The best part is that you hold the power. You can apply all the benefits of worldwide virtual numbers to your business goals or your personal communications. Either way, you will save your customers and your family and friends money in the process.

Worldwide Phone Numbers for Business Use

Your company image is vital to the success of your business. How your existing and prospective clients feel about your products and services affects their decision to stay loyal to your company or choose someone else’s.

Worldwide virtual phone numbers benefit your clients in that they will be able to reach out to you whenever they wish, using local dialing. This will save them time and money and give them confidence in your customer service. These factors combined form a strong impression that will not be forgotten. With virtual worldwide numbers, even before your customers first make contact, you will be making a positive influence. Existing customers will be inclined to stay loyal, and new clients will be impressed.

When new customers are considering giving you their business, they will take into account the status of your company and the quality of your customer service. In terms of worldwide phone numbers, it will be clear to them that your company is global. It follows from this impression that your company is a successful one because you have global reach, and you are offering toll free calling.

For existing customers, worldwide phone numbers show reliability and trustworthiness. Clients will repay your dependability by staying loyal, and loyal customers mean a great return on investment.

Worldwide Phone Numbers for Personal Use

Using worldwide phone numbers for personal use makes the world a smaller place and benefits your friends and family who live overseas. You can have as many phone numbers as you choose in whatever countries you choose. That way you can easily and affordably keep in touch with all of your contacts all over the world.

Your friends and family will feel that you are close to them at all times. They won’t have to pay international long-distance charges or have to deal with complicated international dialing codes when they want to call you. You will always receive their calls no matter where you are. But that’s not all; when your loved ones use worldwide virtual phone numbers to contact you, it will also save them money because they will be paying a local rate, or they will be calling toll free.

Get Worldwide Phone Numbers

You may think that worldwide virtual phone numbers are expensive and complicated to set up, however, the reality is quite the opposite. United World Telecom can set up your virtual worldwide numbers within just a few minutes. All you need to do is to choose which country or countries you want your numbers to be based in, and you are good to go. You can also check for availability of a vanity number if you want one for your business. Either way, it is a simple process, and United World Telecom will provide the best available price.

As a leader in the international telecommunications industry, our team has the skills and experience to hook you up with the best worldwide phone numbers for your specific needs. Not only will you get the best price, but you will also benefit from a wide range of advanced features and options.

Contact United World Telecom today to learn more about this consistent service you can count on.