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VoIP Phones

Information on VoIP Phones

VoIP phones are used as an alternative to VoIP software to place international phone calls from your computer using your broadband Internet connection. VoIP phones come in many varieties, but all connect to your computer and are used just like a regular telephone. The difference between a VoIP phone and a regular phone is in the cost and the service.

What VoIP phones do is transmit voice data over an Internet IP connection to another VoIP phone, VoIP software, a fixed phone, a mobile phone, or even a payphone. You can even transmit the voice data to a number of destinations at once. Calling from VoIP phones is also as simple as calling from a telephone because it works the exact same way. The difference is in cost, reliability, and quality. VoIP phones provide high quality calls, fast and reliable connections, and great connection speed at a reasonable cost.

You don’t even need a computer to use a VoIP phone. A VoIP phone can connect directly to a router or to your wall jack. You will find that using a VoIP phone is just as good if not better than using a telephone, but it costs much less.

Your VoIP calls can be transmitted over any IP-based network, so you can use the Internet or a private LAN to send calls. These types of connections transmit signals faster than most phone lines. This will get your calls connected faster so you will not waste time waiting for a connection.

UWT offers a top of the line VoIP phone. You can purchase a VoIP phone from us or anywhere else to get started with VoIP service. If you have used VoIP before, you will find that our quality is as good as it gets. If you have not used VoIP in the past, sign up and discover the benefits of calling with VoIP phones.