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Memorable Numbers866-622-6222

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Vanity numbers or vanity toll free numbers work the same as a regular toll free number, but they have digits that spell out a phrase or word that is related to whatever service or product the company offers. Businesses have been using vanity numbers for decades, because they are much easier to remember.

When launching a business, there are many aspects to carefully plan out. One of the most important aspects is related to establishing the brand’s identity. In fact, even if a business has long been established, the first thing a company looks at when they are aiming to expand and boost productivity is the brand. Some companies may look to a put a complete brand overhaul in action. This could include a new logo, marketing campaigns, and even the use of vanity numbers.

Putting together a solid and uniform plan that presents the company in a positive, respectful, trustworthy manner takes vast amounts of effort. Communication is key across internal groups working on this, as well as communication with customers and clients in whichever market or markets the company is looking to gain a presence in. Despite the many types of communication that exist today, including the many available through the internet, the top means of communication continues to be via telephone when an in-person meeting is not plausible.

Even companies that operate almost fully online need a phone number and for those who do include a phone number in their marketing materials, vanity numbers may indeed be the best option. Vanity numbers are typically toll free numbers. Toll free numbers are phone numbers that are utilized by businesses and typically start with a 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888 prefix. They are called toll free because callers who make calls via these types of phone numbers do not get charged for the call. The company they are reaching owns the phone number and pays for the call. This is a wonderful benefit to offer to customers, clients, and any other potential business associates who need to reach a company by phone.

Virtual toll free numbers allow for calls made to the toll free number to be rerouted to any landline or mobile number that the company prefers the calls be forwarded to. This provides a great benefit to the business owner who is on the go and does not want to miss important calls.

Vanity numbers have been proven to boost the number of incoming calls and sales because they are so easy to remember. With repetition through advertising efforts, such as television or radio, vanity numbers have had an extremely positive effect with regard to increasing brand awareness.

One of the most widely-recognized vanity numbers is 1800-FLOWERS. This type of number makes a statement in the minds of those who see and hear them. Repetition is key and after hearing them so many times, the numbers become commonplace in the minds of those who have viewed/ heard them through a number of advertising and marketing efforts.

Toll free vanity numbers are a wonderful asset because they allow business customers to call a business from anywhere in the world and not get charged for the call. Having toll free numbers for a business can also be a good way to give your business a large-scale and more established presence. Add the benefit of purchasing vanity numbers and you are only enhancing the overall possibilities for success for your business.

Business owners can look to United World Telecom to have vanity numbers set up in a large number of countries throughout the world. Some of the additional features that United World Telecom offers when a business sets up vanity numbers are unlimited extensions, the ability to have minutes rolled over, and the ability to make outbound calls. Contact United World Telecom today to get your business set up with vanity numbers.

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