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Virtual Phone Numbers in Australia

If you are considering expanding your business to Australia, Australian virtual phone numbers are the best way to do so. Despite the distance between the U.S. and Australia, business is conducted in a very similar way, and Australia welcomes overseas business partners. However, the distance between the two countries can make setting up an Australian business very expensive. This is why Australian virtual phone numbers are one of the most useful and cost-effective tools you can make use of.

australian virtual phone numbers
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Australia has recently been going through a period of rapid economic growth. This is mainly due to the growth of the Chinese economy and China’s demand for Australia’s abundant natural resources. Australia’s growth in exports to China has enabled the Australian people to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle for over two decades.

Such growth has allowed Australia to develop a sophisticated service industry while also greatly improving infrastructure throughout the whole country. The only possible weakness is what might happen to unemployment in Australia if China was to suffer a recession.

Telephone Numbers in Australia

Australian virtual phone numbers are internet-based numbers. They are not attached to a landline, but instead take advantage of the latest cloud technologies, because of this, they provide a very affordable and efficient option for opening a location-based office overseas. When a caller dials your Australian virtual phone number, the call is rerouted to the number(s) of your choice. You have many options including office landlines, your home phones, your customer service center, your smartphone, or your VoIP system.

What Are the Benefits of Australian Virtual Phone Numbers?

Australian virtual phone numbers have many benefits including:

  • Saving money: Typically, it’s much less expensive to run a virtual phone system than it is to take calls with traditional carrier networks. For instance, your callers don’t have to pay expensive long-distance charges. Nor do they have to deal with uncomfortable international dialing codes. Because your phone system is hosted in the cloud, there’s no need to buy expensive hardware or software. Overall, this makes a virtual phone system a great option for running an overseas business.
  • Keep working on the move: You don’t have to be sitting at your desk to use Australian virtual phone numbers. They work anywhere and so can you. Calls are instantly routed to your receiving number, wherever you have an internet or mobile phone service. When you choose United World Telecom, you can even have your faxes and voicemails forwarded to your email account in the form of .wav or .mp3 files. As you can see, work will continue even when you’re not at the office.
  • Boost your professional image: If you’re a startup or small business, you will be well aware of how dynamic your business is. You will need to be flexible enough to change constantly as new challenges arise. But with Australian virtual phone numbers, you can easily avoid the constant challenges of working out of a virtual office. Once you subscribe to virtual phone numbers, they stay with you wherever you go, no matter how often you move, or where you may be located. They can give the impression that your company is much larger than it is, as well.
  • Loaded with features: Setting up your system takes only a few minutes thanks to United World Telecom’s user-friendly online console. You also get plenty of free features to enhance your service. These include roll-over minutes, customizable voicemail,
    call recording, black and whitelisting, failover forwarding, and simultaneous calling.
  • Enhanced privacy: With virtual phone numbers, you no longer have to give out your personal number to customers or business colleagues. When you receive a call, you will see the virtual number they are calling from, so you will know straight away that it’s a business call.
  • Bring your team together: If you and your employees are all based in your respective homes, virtual numbers still allow you to appear as one solid organization because you are sharing the same virtual numbers, and inbound calls can be routed to anyone, using extension numbers and simultaneous calling. You can design your communications system to match your technological business environment.
  • You’ll never miss a call: Because you can choose to have your incoming calls directed to whichever phone number is most convenient for you, you can avoid missing those important calls. If you’re not available, let’s say you’re in an important meeting with a new colleague, you can have calls directed to your colleagues in a pre-programmed list or have the numbers called simultaneously until someone takes the call.

Find out more about how virtual phone numbers can help you expand your business overseas in a way that is efficient and affordable. Contact United World Telecom today and let the team set you up with a free trial so you can see first-hand how a virtual phone system can work of you.