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SIM Cards consist of a small chip that is inserted into the back of an unlocked GSM phone. When a call is made with this phone, the system uses a basic callback process, which then connects the caller to the destination number. The aim of USA SIM Cards is to save substantially on roaming charges while traveling in the USA.

Other benefits of the USA SIM Cards include having complete coverage across the United States, receiving deeply discounted rates on roaming charges, ease of use, no contracts or hidden charges, and the option for a user to keep their unique USA number for their next trip to the United States. Previously, United World Telecom provided USA SIM Cards with a unique United States phone number that allowed the user to stay in touch with family, friends, or business contacts while in the United States. However, United World Telecom no longer offers USA SIM Cards, so if that’s what you are interested in learning more about, we do offer an alternative. The alternative is to purchase a Local SIM Card and have calls forwarded to that number through United World Telecom.

Using Local SIM Cards from United World Telecom

After a customer purchases a Local SIM Card and has calls forwarded to that number through United World Telecom, they must connect to a Wi-Fi network and install a softphone app, or call a local access number that is provided by United World Telecom once an inbound or outbound calling plan is purchased. When a call is made through an inbound access number, the caller is prompted to dial the number they would like to call and they are then connected. This process functions for international calls as well.

SIM Cards, or Subscriber Identity Modules, are needed for identification purposes of every GSM phone. SIM Cards contain account data and payment constraints that communicate the status of a subscriber to their carrier. In most countries, a user is able to prepay for minutes on the cards or opt for receiving a bill later on instead. For those who travel, a SIM Card can provide a substantially lower cost alternative to potentially excessive roaming charges offered by the user’s home carrier. Purchasing a Local SIM Card solves this issue by allowing a user to purchase a Local SIM Card that is local to the country they are traveling to and allowing the user to then only be responsible for any local calling charges. If the user only uses a data connection then the calls can essentially be free.

United World Telecom offers Local SIM Cards as an alternative to USA SIM Cards, allowing for the same cost-savings benefits that users of USA SIM Cards have been attracted to.

Reasons to Get Local SIM Cards

Whether someone is looking for an alternative way to save money when making calls in a country they are aiming to travel to on vacation, or if the purpose is business-related, United World Telecom offers a plethora of communication solutions and corresponding features to meet the ever-changing needs of those traveling outside of their home country.

Local SIM Cards and USA SIM Cards are not to be confused with calling cards, which operate very differently and are generally quite costly.

Important Info on Local SIM Cards

Some important points to keep in mind with the use of Local SIM Cards to substitute the use of USA SIM Cards include:

  • A phone must be GSM-network compatible
  • A phone must be unlocked
  • Be aware and certain of the size of SIM your phone requires, as some phones such as iPhones, only accept micro-SIM cards
  • Be aware of your calling needs to properly select the plan that will best fit your calling needs

United World Telecom has decades of experience providing communication solutions to both personal-use and business customers. Customer service representatives of United World Telecom are prepared to discuss any customer’s individual needs and assist in the selection and purchase of any product and corresponding featuring that will prove to be the best fit for each and every customer.

With constant advancements in technology and communications, it is important for anyone who is looking into Local SIM Cards or any other communication products to understand all of the options available and to have the support available to ask as many questions as needed to fully understand all of their options. Fully understanding options, features, and different plans can be daunting. United World Telecom has decades of experience in providing a wide variety of communication products and services. Additionally, assisting customers through the entire process is a top priority in ensuring each and every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Contact United World Telecom today to further discuss the use of Local SIM Cards in place of USA SIM Cards, as well as any other communication product and service needs you may have for personal and/ or business use.