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Roaming SIM Cards

Roaming SIM Cards are SIM Cards that work in multiple countries. The purpose of using Roaming SIM Cards was for those traveling to save on roaming charges. United World Telecom no longer offers Roaming SIM Cards, but instead offers an alternative. The alternative is to instead buy a Local SIM Card and have any incoming calls forwarded to that number through United World Telecom’s service.

How Local SIM Cards Work

After a customer purchases a Local SIM Card and calls are subsequently forwarded to that number through United World Telecom’s service, the user of the Local SIM Card must connect to a Wi-Fi network and install a softphone application, or call a local access number that is specified by United World

Telecom once an inbound or outbound calling plan has been purchased. When calls are made through an inbound access number, callers are then prompted to dial the number they are aiming to call and they are then connected.

SIM Cards are needed for identification purposes for every GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. SIM Cards hold account, data, and payment information and limits, which serve the purpose of communicating the status of a subscriber to their carrier. In most countries across the globe, a user has the option to prepay for minutes on SIM cards or choose to receive a bill later on instead. For persons who travel, whether for business or personal purposes, a SIM Card signifies a substantially lower cost option to often-excessive roaming charges tied to the user’s home carrier. The purchase of a Local SIM Card as an alternative to Roaming SIM Cards can resolve the issue of high costs by allowing a user to purchase a Local SIM Card that is local to whichever country they are traveling to and allowing a user to subsequently be responsible for local calling charges versus high roaming charges.

If a user only uses a data connection when making and receiving calls with the Local SIM Cards, then the calls can wind up costing close to nothing or nothing at all.

Get Local SIM Cards from United World Telecom

United World Telecom offers Local SIM Cards as an alternative to Roaming SIM Cards, offering the same cost-saving benefits that users of these SIM Cards have been drawn to.

Whether a person is looking for a call option that will save them when making calls in a country they are aiming to travel to in order to visit with family and friends or if the purpose of travel is business-related, United World Telecom offers a wide variety of communication options and features to meet the varying needs of international travelers.

Details to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a Local SIM Card as an alternative to Roaming SIM Cards are that the phone intended for use needs to be GSM-network compatible and the phone must be unlocked. Also, there are some variations with regard to the size of SIM cards, so one must be aware of the size required of the SIM card of the phone they are intending to use.

United World Telecom has been dedicated to fulfilling the communication needs for a wide variety of personal-use and business customers for decades.

The United World Telecom staff is equipped to discuss the individual needs of all customers and closely aid in the selection and purchase of communication products and features that will prove to be simple and effective for each and every customer.

Local SIM Cards: An Alternative to Roaming SIM Cards

For anyone looking for an option that serves the same purpose as Roaming SIM Cards, it is important to have a good grasp on all of the alternative options available. Additionally, having the benefit of available customer service support gives customers the ability to get answers to important questions.

The similarities and differences between Roaming SIM Cards and Local SIM Cards can be a bit confusing to understand, and United World Telecom understands this fact. Equipped with decades of experience providing telecommunication solutions, the customer service agents of United World Telecom are ready to explain product and feature details in an aim to fulfill all of your telecommunication needs.

The primary advantage of using Roaming SIM Cards from United World Telecom lies in taking advantage of superior savings on mobile phone calls in over 200 countries. Local SIM Cards from United World Telecom can serve the exact same purpose. Contact United World Telecom today to discuss the use of Local SIM Cards as a substitute for Roaming SIM Cards, as well as any other telecommunication needs you may have for international business use or personal travel use.