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Local Numbers Worldwide

Despite all of the technological advances in today’s world, telephones are still a primary communication channel for businesses. It brings a personal aspect to communication that social media and other forms of communication cannot replace. There are a variety of phone number options for businesses, including local numbers, toll free numbers, and virtual numbers and the choice really depends on the individual business’s needs. For a business that is looking to establish a local presence in a market, a local number may very well be the best option. United World Telecom offers local numbers worldwide.

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Particularly small business owners may opt for a local number. When a company is fairly small in size and operates primarily within a local area or just a few regional areas, purchasing and setting up one or more local numbers may be the option that makes the most sense. United World Telecom sells local numbers worldwide that are set up virtually and can have a variety of features set up to optimize efficiency and ease of use for the business.

Worldwide Call Forwarding

One example of a feature that is offered by United World Telecom to complement local numbers worldwide is call forwarding. Business owners may travel often and wish to have calls forwarded to them when they are traveling. Local numbers worldwide can be set up to have incoming calls forwarded to a landline or mobile phone line of the business owner’s choice. Another benefit is related to a business that may be physically located in one state yet aim to grow and reach other markets without establishing physical locations in each of those markets. After all, expanding and opening physical locations in multiple markets requires a large investment.

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With local numbers worldwide, a company may list local phone numbers on their website for markets where they would like to establish a presence. This gives customers and other business contacts in those markets a way of reaching the company at no cost to them and the business owner or whoever is answering the calls may very well be in another state or country with the calls simply being forwarded to them.

The Advantage of Local Companies

Research has indicated that many consumers have more confidence in local companies and believe that local businesses are generally more reliable.

Local companies are typically smaller in size, which means that individual customers are generally more valued, as small companies who operate within a small area know their reputation with the locals is an extremely valuable asset.

United World Telecom offers local numbers worldwide in over 130 countries and the truth is that many people simply prefer to dial a local number versus a toll free number. United World Telecom offers features such as outbound calling, SMS to Email forwarding, unlimited extensions, and many others to accompany local numbers worldwide.

For any type or size of business, having a business phone number is a valuable asset that can play a key role in the growth and success of the company. A company should first decide what they want their image to be when establishing their brand. Is the goal to appear to be a large, very well established global brand, or is the goal to be a local business with a more neighborly-feel? Figuring out the answer to this question is the first step.

Local Numbers from United World Telecom

If a company does decide on a local phone number, United World Telecom also offers features such as voicemail and extensions, so that callers may call the local number and then dial an extension to reach the specific staff member or department they are aiming to speak to. Companies may wish to purchase more than one local number for their business. United World Telecom facilitates this as well and allows businesses a shopping cart option to purchase more than one phone number at a time.

Whether looking to set up a local phone number or a toll free number for a business, the most important point is that having a telephone number is key for any type of business to thrive.