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Is your business in need of a way to extend toll free calling to international callers? If so, then read on to learn what ITFS numbers are, how to buy a ITFS number from United World Telecom, and what the benefits are.

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Short for “International Toll Free Service Numbers,” ITFS numbers are Internet-based forms of telecommunication that enable instant communication between callers located anywhere in the world. ITFS numbers solve the problem of international callers dialing your domestic toll free number, where those callers still need to dial outside of their country – which incurs long-distance fees and service blockages for calls that are made outside of a service network.

How to Buy a ITFS Number from United World Telecom

Begin by heading over to United World Telecom’s homepage ( At the top of the home page, you will notice a series of dropdown menu options under the heading Select Your New Phone Number. First, select the desired country that you want to reach toll free. For example, if you want a phone number that enables toll free calling to Canada, you will select “Canada (+1).” Under the next dropdown menu, select “Toll Free (mobile accessible)” for the phone number type, which is the correct selection for ITFS numbers. Note that depending on the country that you select, a secondary menu may appear which will prompt you to select a more specific toll free prefix. For the 3rd dropdown menu, choose an available phone number for the list. In some cases, a phone number will be provided upon activation.

Under the second heading, Enter Your Destination Number, enter in the phone number where international calls will be routed to. Select the appropriate country code of your destination number. For example, if your phone number is located in the United Arab Emirates, you will choose “UAE (+971).” Next, enter the remaining digits of your phone number in the 2nd textbox. Finally, click on the “View Rates & Try for Free” button to bring up a list of payment plans.

Once you’ve chosen a payment plan closest to your needs (available for small businesses, startups, and large enterprise usages), you’ll be given a list of add-ons to add functionality to your ITFS number. These add-ons include rollover minutes, outbound calling, call recording, and more. After selecting your add-ons, the rest of the process is simple: you will provide your contact information, payment information, billing information, review your order (and be able to add more phone numbers), and finally agree to the Terms & Conditions before submitting your order.
Once you complete this process to buy a ITFS number, a customer service agent from United World Telecom will help you with the rest of the process. You can then begin using your ITFS numbers immediately.

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What are the Benefits When You Buy a ITFS Number from United World Telecom?

Now that you’re aware of what ITFS numbers are and how to buy a ITFS number from United World Telecom, you may be curious about the many benefits that come from their use in business and your personal life.

As mentioned above, ITFS numbers enable functionality that opens up international business communication. Because of this, your organization can reach a broader audience than it would otherwise, as callers recognize these phone numbers as part of your localization efforts. In turn, customers and businesses trust your brand as your phone number resembles those that they’re familiar with.

Because ITFS numbers are toll free numbers, your organization immediately gains business legitimacy and a professional aesthetic that is essential for large-scale business success in global markets. By extending toll free calling internationally, your callers subconsciously respect your brand and are more willing to take your brand seriously – especially in comparison to your competitors that may not offer the easiest ways to reach their customer service departments.

ITFS numbers are made possible with developments in Internet communication, more specifically cloud computing. Because this technology is relatively new and evolving, when you buy a ITFS number from United World Telecom, you get to enjoy a wealth of useful add-ons that bring new types of versatility to businesses. For instance, if your business wishes to outsource calls that occur outside of regular operating business hours to another location in a favorable timezone, “time of day routing” makes this possible. Then there’s “PBX” (short for “Private Branch Exchange”), which creates a directory system to help callers find the information they’re looking for, as well as directly contact the departments and staff members related to their inquiries. And for busy organizations that experience a large volume of inbound callers, “simultaneous ringing” is an add-on that rings all of the connected devices tied into a particular ITFS number, which ensures that no call goes unanswered if a staff member is available. Find out more about these add-ons and other useful information at