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Global SIM Cards

Global SIM Cards are SIM Cards that work in several different countries. The primary purpose for the use of Global SIM Cards was for travelers to be able to take advantage of big savings with regards to calls and typically high roaming phone call fees. United World Telecom no longer offers Global SIM Cards, but now offers Local SIM Cards as an alternative. With Local SIM Cards, a user can have their incoming calls forwarded to a number through the use of United World Telecom’s forwarding service.

When a customer buys a Local SIM Card and their calls are forwarded to that number through the use of United World Telecom’s service, the user of the Local SIM Card has to have access and be connected through a Wi-Fi network. A softphone application must be installed or the user may instead call a local access number that is provided by United World Telecom when an inbound or outbound calling plan is purchased. If the user opts to gain access through the use of the inbound access number, they will next be prompted to dial the number they would like to call, so that they can then be connected.

A SIM Card is needed for identification purposes in relation to every GSM phone. SIM Cards carry a variety of information, including account data and payment data, which assist their phone carrier in obtaining data and status on the user/ subscriber. In most nations, subscribers can choose whether they wish to prepay for minutes on their mobile device or get billed for their usage after the fact.

SIM Cards for Traveling

Particularly for those who travel quite often, whether the purpose is international business matters or personal reasons, the use of a SIM Card is a much lower cost option. The purchase of a Local SIM Card as an alternative to Global SIM Cards removes the barrier high costs that could prevent users from making calls while traveling by allowing the purchase a Local SIM Card that translates into local calling charges versus roaming charges. If a subscriber/ user only uses a data connection when receiving calls or making outbound calls with the use of Local SIM Cards, the cost of calls can be virtually nonexistent.

Local SIM Cards: An Alternative to Global SIM Cards

United World Telecom offers Local SIM Cards as an alternative to Global SIM Cards, offering the same substantial cost-saving advantage that the users of Global SIM Cards have found appealing.

For those planning to travel and are in search of a call option that will save them money, United World Telecom provides a large array of communication options and features to meet the diverse needs of international travelers.

As with any type of purchase, there are points one should be mindful of with regard to the purchase of a Local SIM Card as an alternative to Global SIM Cards. One detail is that the phone intended for use must be GSM-network compatible and the phone that one is aiming to use has to be unlocked. Some phones also have a different size SIM card than others, so one should be aware of the size of the SIM card in the phone that is intended for use.

The primary focus of United World Telecom is in providing excellent products, features, and customer service with regard to the extremely diverse global telecommunication needs of both personal and business customers. United World Telecom prides itself in training customer service staff to be able to answer any questions customers may have in the simplest of terms, so that customers feel confident in their selection of telecommunication products and services through United World Telecom.

Get Global SIM Cards from United World Telecom

For anyone looking to fulfill the needs and benefits previously served by Global SIM Cards, it is important to explore all options and have a reliable means of obtaining all of the information needed to properly assess and select the best option for them. The similarities and differences between Global SIM Cards and Local SIM Cards can be a bit daunting for some. United World Telecom fully understands this and offers a knowledgeable and dedicated staff that is prepared to assist every customer throughout all steps involved in studying different options, selecting and purchasing products and features, and the use of selected products and features.

The most recognized benefit of Global SIM Cards from United World Telecom is in cost savings as it relates to mobile phone calls in over 200 countries. Local SIM Cards sold by United World Telecom offer the same savings provided by the use of Global SIM Cards. Contact a customer service representative with United World Telecom to discuss how the use of a Local SIM Card could benefit you in your travels.