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Business Telephone Numbers

Have you ever thought about why having business telephone numbers is so important? Along with a business address, business telephone numbers identify your business as a legitimate entity. The majority of people still prefer to have a telephone number to reach out to a business before making a purchase of a product or service.

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Key advantages of business telephone numbers include:

  • Offering around the clock availability to your customers and potential customers
  • Establishing business credibility
  • Privacy and security
  • Data management and CRM
  • Offering superior customer service support

Enhance Your Company’s Image

Business telephone numbers help to give a business a professional and successful appearance while enhancing credibility. A business telephone number, whether it is a local phone number or a toll free number, is something that people expect to see on a business card, websites, brochures, and other branded marketing materials.

When given the option, customers typically prefer to call a business versus writing emails or text messages and waiting for a response. Having a business phone number ensures that your business is ready to receive calls. Having a virtual phone number, with either a virtual receptionist or a call center, enables the calls to be routed automatically around the clock. This ensures that your business is prepared to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and will never miss out on a sale.

Business Phone Numbers Offer Excellent Versatility

Today, virtual phone numbers are the preferred business telephone numbers to have. In addition to flexibility, reliability, and cost-savings, virtual phone number features allow you to keep detailed call records, which provide valuable information. This information will help you in building relationships with your customers, generating leads, and more.

A recognizable and easy-to-remember business phone number helps customers to reach you when they need assistance. Business telephone numbers that are toll free and easy to remember are called vanity numbers. Typically, the name of the company (i.e. 1800-FLOWERS) is spelled out within the phone number. This gives a company an obvious edge because the phone number is so easy to remember and directly related to the service that the company provides. United World Telecom offers virtual phone numbers in the form of local business telephone numbers, toll free numbers, and toll free vanity numbers for businesses. Depending on what image you are aiming to portray to your customer base, a local number or a toll free number may be the best option for you.

Local business telephone numbers are typically best for those who are aiming to present a more local, hometown focus for their business. The business communicates the physical presence in that market. With a virtual phone number, you can offer a local phone number to a market, while still being physically located elsewhere.

A toll free number is more beneficial in presenting a larger-scale image. This would work best for a business that wants to appear more established nationally or even globally. Vanity toll free numbers add an extra layer to the benefits of a toll free number in that the number is typically easier to remember.

Increase Your Communications with Additional Numbers

If you already have business telephone numbers that you use, it makes sense to continue to use those numbers, since your phone numbers are part of your brand identity. However, new virtual phone numbers can be integrated with existing phone numbers, so that phone calls made to new virtual business telephone numbers can be forwarded to your existing phone numbers and you don’t lose the business that comes through your existing phone numbers while introducing new phone numbers for your new target markets.

Whether you have just launched a business or are already established, closely examining your business telephone numbers and overall communication systems is a must. United World Telecom offers a free trial and many features to accompany your virtual phone numbers. Call us today to discuss the options that may best fit the needs of your growing business.