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India Phone Numbers

India has a population of approximately 1.3 billion people and makes up nearly eighteen percent of the world’s population. Within this densely populated country, there are an innumerable amount of businesses and business opportunities with India Phone Numbers.

India’s colorful and beautiful culture makes it a destination for tourism and business. Additionally, India has a young and growing population, which, in connection to reforms made in 1991, has allowed the country to continue to grow as an economic powerhouse. There are plenty of opportunities for companies and individuals to become involved with India’s commerce market simply by having an India phone number.

India toll free numbers
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Why do Business in India

With an India phone number, companies and individuals can participate in numerous business pursuits while maintaining a home base in another country. India is the ninth-largest partner for trades with the United States, meaning that any company involved in the trade will appear more legitimate if they are importing/ exporting from India.

India has the fourth-largest natural supply of coal in the entire world, which makes it a desirable country for anyone involved in the coal industry.

For those interested in the movie business, India’s Bollywood is an internationally recognized film industry, second only to Hollywood in terms of revenue. Any individual or company that is involved in the US film industry and is interested in expanding into India, would be helping their success by getting an India phone number. This would be beneficial in adding legitimacy as a significant presence in the second-largest film capital of the world. And while Bollywood comes in second place for box office revenue earned in 2016, they produce more movies and sell double the amount of tickets as US cinemas. India is an obvious choice for any film company, director, actor, or producer looking to expand their market and international recognition.

While many parts of India are growing and prospering, there are problems with poverty, hunger, and health care. Though this may sound like a deterrent for entering into business with India, it is actually quite the opposite, as where issue lie, opportunities await.

For example, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy set out to rid India of its chronic blindness problem. Eighty percent of the people who become blind in India have cataracts, which, until Dr. Venkataswamy took the initiative, were essentially awaiting a death sentence. When the blindness set in, individuals could no longer work to earn money. Dr. Venkataswamy wanted to end this needless suffering and detriment on the Indian workforce and pioneered a method for removing cataracts, reversing blindness, and getting people back on their feet at an incredibly cheap price.

There is a vast ocean of opportunity for the field of medicine and political reform to help rid India and its population of the challenges they face on a daily basis. With this potential for advancement, doctors and policymakers in the US could help those in need in India by expanding their operations and businesses there, and having India phone numbers could assist with making it easy for Indian locals to contact them.

Not only would this result in obvious benefits for the citizens of India, but it opens up the potential of professionals from the US (or Europe, South America, Africa, etc.) to gain international recognition for their contributions to bettering the lives of millions.

Culture and Business

In India, the primary language is Hindi, spoken by forty-one percent of the population, while the remaining sixty percent of the population speaks one of thirteen different other languages. If your company makes the forward-thinking decision to get an India phone number, keep in mind that you should hire individuals who are competent in at least one of these languages – particularly Hindi.

Additionally, almost eighty percent of the population practices Hinduism, who believe in Dharma – the belief that humans, animals, nature, and the planet all must prosper together in harmony. This requires a large degree of respect for one another, and this philosophy carries over into business practices. Businesses should keep this in mind when using an India phone number. Because you will be representing the US, out of respect, you should adhere to certain values that are considered important.

How Can I Get an India Phone Number, and How Does it Work?

Buying Indian phone numbers is an incredibly simple process. United World Telecom allows a company, within minutes to have a fully operational India phone number upon set-up. 24/ 7 customer service is available so that companies can run their businesses and never have to worry about their India phone number is out of commission. There is a myriad of services that the company offers to give each company a customized service plan that suits their unique needs. It is also incredibly affordable, which makes it one of the most useful tools for a myriad of companies aiming to create a business strategy that involves expansion into India.

Any business that wants to expand its brand recognition into one of the largest and most economically powerful countries in the world will want to get an India phone number. It allows a company based anywhere in the world to have a presence in India, making it easier to form connections with other Indian countries. As humans we are drawn to the familiar – this carries into the business. A company based in India will feel more comfortable calling your company if you have an India phone number, proving you are an established and local entity.