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How To Get an International Phone Number

Have you ever wondered how to get an international phone number for your business or personal use? If so, read on to discover what they are and how to get an international phone number for your business today!

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What is an International Phone Number?

Just like the name implies, an international phone number is a phone number that’s located in another country other than your primary residence or headquarters.

Thanks to developments in telecommunications from Internet-based technologies like VoIP and cloud computing, international phone numbers are now available to reach markets and individuals in new countries by phone. Phone numbers are available from United World Telecom in over 140 countries worldwide, which includes the country code and the particular area/ region code of your choosing. This means that if your business wants to penetrate a new market, you can simply choose where you want your business to expand to.

What international phone numbers do is allow international customers to reach your foreign business without restriction. For instance, if a caller in one country decides to call your business in another — even a neighboring country — they may be blocked by their telecom service provider or charged long-distance rates. International phone numbers from United World Telecom circumvent these obstacles by using the power of the Internet to offer seamless communication.

One of the key benefits of using international phone numbers is that they drastically reduce the cost of starting a business in a new country. This is in stark contrast to the typical brick-and-mortar models of business expansion, where lots of capital and resources must be expended to grow a business before making a profit — not to mention contending with international government regulations and licensing requirements to do business on foreign soil.

Often, businesses use international phone numbers to open lines of communication between countries to maintain a business presence in markets outside of where they are based. This can be of significant benefit to new companies, particularly new startups, that are looking to expand their brand awareness in new territories without a long period of organic growth. International phone numbers jumpstart your business presence, which can help you attain legitimate targets in your marketing efforts.

On that same note, your organization can go one step further with international phone numbers by subscribing to toll free numbers. However, domestic toll free phone numbers aren’t toll free when calling internationally. Instead, they’re charged as if they were any other type of phone number. To get around this, United World Telecom offers “ITFS numbers,” or International Toll Free Service numbers. These international phone numbers allow you to offer toll free calls between countries, while also retaining the toll free prefix that your targeted country is familiar with.

International Phone Numbers for Individuals

Similarly, individuals that use international phone numbers for personal use allow those located in their chosen country to contact them without being charged long-distance fees or being blocked by a telecom service provider. This is a perfect solution for on-the-go entrepreneurs that travel often to key sales territories, particularly when doing business with those who wish to keep their business local. Also, international phone numbers are for those who want to keep in touch with family and friends that may not have the ability or patience to handle dialing out to a different country (not to mention long-distance fees, which could put a damper on communicating as often as family and friends do).

How to Get an International Phone Number with United World Telecom

Now that you’re aware of what’s possible with international phone numbers, let’s take a look at how easy it is to get them for your business.

First, head over to United World Telecom’s homepage at On the homepage, you’ll see a number of options for international phone numbers, whether you’re looking for toll free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers. You’ll be redirected to another page, where you’ll find a number of dropdown menus. From here, you can select the country that you want your international phone number to be based in. Next, you’ll select the type of international phone number that you’re looking for (note: phone numbers are subject to availability). For many countries, you’ll be given the option to further specify which city/ region you want for the phone number. After you’ve selected the specific location, you’ll be given a list of available phone numbers (however, some phone numbers will be provided upon activation). Click on the View Rates & Try for Free button to bring up a list of payment plans.

Once you select a payment plan closest to your needs, you’ll be given a list of add-ons, such as rollover minutes, outbound calling, and more. After selecting your add-ons, you’ll be taken to your shopping cart to verify your purchase and/ or if you need to, select more international phone numbers to add to your plan. You’ll then be prompted to enter your personal information, billing information, and payment information. After this information is entered, you’ll be given the ability to read the terms & conditions — once complete, check the box and you’re finished. A company representative will help you with the rest of the process and you can start using your international phone numbers immediately!