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How International Callback Works

For those who rely on making international calls quite frequently, whether to family and friends or for business purposes, the related costs can quickly add up. Particularly in a number of countries where great competition amongst telephone service providers does not exist and the existing provider or providers may take advantage of their position to charge high rates. It is important for these callers to know there are other options that will translate into significant savings for them. One of those solutions is referred to as international callback. Once someone learns of this offering and figures out how international callback works, they can easily avoid high rate charges for their personal or business calls.

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Using International Callback

When someone signs up for a callback service, they receive a unique and exclusive United States phone number, which is also referred to as an access number. In order to place an international phone call, the customer first dials the US access number and then hangs up at the first ring. In a few seconds, our switching center calls the customer’s phone number back and gives a message prompting the customer to dial the destination number. A callback card can also be used to help the customer remember their access number.

Telephone services are monopolized in many countries around the world. These companies charge high rates for local calls and even more excessive rates for international long distance calls. This is the primary reason it is important for those who make international calls frequently to learn about the option of international callback service and how international callback works.

International callback services help people from all over the world to make international phone calls from their countries to any country in the world while paying some of the most competitive international calling rates available anywhere. These international calling services are often very popular in countries where the costs related to international calls are very high. Users are able to save money by prompting a call from another country where the international call rates are cheaper and then getting instructions to enter the actual destination number. It is just a matter of learning about how international callback works and the user is on the path to making calls and saving substantially on their calls.

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Here is how international callback works:

  • A user signs up for a callback service with a company that offers competitive calling rates.
  • The company that offers this callback service will then assign a local access number that will prompt the callback for the users.
  • Users dial the local access number, let the phone ring once, and then hang up. This will activate the callback system.
  • A signal is automatically sent to the callback system, which will call the users back immediately and give instructions for the user to either
    enter the destination number or a PIN number if the user does not have a callback number registered in the callback system. If a user needs to enter a PIN, they will get instructions to enter the destination number once the PIN has been entered and recognized by the system.
  • · Users can then dial the destination number they want to reach to complete their international call at a fraction of the cost.
  • is may seem like an overwhelming number of steps to follow in figuring out how international callback works, but in reality, callers just need to dial their access number, wait a few seconds, and hang up. The remaining steps for international callback are basically comprised of just following the instructions given when the user gets the callback and in no time, they will be connected to whomever they are aiming to call.

Outbound Calling from United World Telecom

United World Telecom offers an Outbound Calling service as a new convenient alternative to International Callback. United World Telecom’s Outbound Calling service connects callers through its network using VoIP (or local access numbers) and makes phone calls even less expensive and more convenient for the use of individuals and businesses.