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Hong Kong Phone Numbers

Hong Kong Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers enable your business to communicate instantly with customers and clients around the world instantaneously, as well as establish a business presence in new target markets authentically. It’s these benefits — and many more — that make virtual phone numbers such a powerful force for international expansion. Luckily, virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom are available in over 140 countries, including one of the most sought-after emerging markets in the world: Hong Kong. Accessing this market using Hong Kong virtual phone numbers can give your business a competitive edge that makes a significant difference in the global marketplace.

In this article, we will examine what Hong Kong virtual phone numbers are, how to purchase them from United World Telecom, and look at some statistics about why Hong Kong is the perfect target market for your next business expansion.

Why virtual numbers are necessary for business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong virtual phone numbers allow your business to freely communicate by phone with customers and clients in Hong Kong without facing a number of obstacles. These obstacles can include being blocked by service providers, callers receiving long-distance fees, or just the preference of those based in the country simply wanting to do business only with domestic companies within Hong Kong. A Hong Kong virtual phone number can circumvent these obstacles by using Internet-based technology, like VoIP and cloud computing, that puts callers in touch with one another by routing calls from your phone number (known as the “destination phone number”) to the recipient’s digital device.

As mentioned in the introduction, Hong Kong virtual phone numbers come with a vast array of benefits. First, Hong Kong virtual phone numbers can work on any Internet-enabled phone, laptop, computer, and even a landline. This can significantly reduce costs and employee training costs. Hong Kong virtual phone numbers are available in a variety of options, including toll free numbers, vanity numbers, and local access numbers — all with matching country codes and area/region codes that Hong Kong citizens are familiar with. Also, there is a wide selection of add-ons and features that can enhance Hong Kong virtual phone numbers, such as outbound calling, call recording, CallMeClick, blacklisting/whitelisting, simultaneous ringing and many more features.

Hong Kong Phone Numbers
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How to purchase a Hong Kong phone number

To get virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom, start at UWT’s homepage at For this example, click on the “Local Numbers” button to be redirected to the next webpage. There, you’ll find two categories of dropdown menus: “Select Your New Phone Number” and “Enter Your Destination Phone Number.” Starting with “Select Your New Phone Number,” click on the first dropdown menu and select “Hong Kong (+852).” Next, you’ll select a number type, such as Toll Free (mobile accessible), Universal Toll Free (UIFN), and National. Depending on the type of phone number you select, the next dropdown menu below will allow you to choose an available Hong Kong virtual phone number or provide one upon activation.
In the next series of dropdown menus, you’ll want to enter in the destination phone number where calls from your Hong Kong virtual phone number will redirect calls. Simply enter in your country code and the remaining digits. Once completed, you can select a free trial and view paid subscription rates by clicking on the button below.

Next, you’ll be provided with a series of payment plans, optional features, and outbound calling to choose from. Click on the services that best fit your business’s needs. Afterward, the remaining process should be straight-forward for anyone familiar with online transactions, including entering in your contact information, the account type, along with billing and payment methods. Last, you’ll be given the option to review your purchase to ensure that the information is correct, as well as the option to purchase more Hong Kong virtual phone numbers.
Now that you’re aware of what Hong Kong virtual phone numbers are, the benefits they can bring to your business, and how to get them for your business with United World Telecom, let’s look at some reasons why Hong Kong is the perfect place to do business.

Stats About Hong Kong

As of 2018, over 7.3 million people live in Hong Kong. Known as a country with a relatively high amount of economic freedom, Hong Kong’s banking and legal systems are quite stable, with plenty of foreign exchange reserves, and the country has no public debt. For foreign businesses looking to gain access to the country, it should be noted that corporate income taxes are low and there is a wealth of talent located in the country, and wages are flexible depending on the region of Hong Kong that you do business with. For these reasons and many more, Hong Kong virtual phone numbers are a gateway towards breaking into Hong Kong’s service-centered economy and robust financial sectors.