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Forward Calls Internationally

Whether you are a business owner who needs to travel fairly frequently or someone who travels for leisure, you may have wondered about a way to forward calls internationally. The average cost of making international calls can be extremely high, but there are options outside of the traditional international calling plan that can and should be explored. The use of virtual phone numbers for making calls and to forward calls internationally is one preferred solution.

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For a business owner, this difference between the traditional international calling plan and the use of virtual phone numbers and a call forwarding feature could be astronomical with regard to the company budget. Many business owners have been known to carry two mobile phones when traveling outside of one’s home country, because of the difference in rates between carriers. Different carriers can offer widely different roaming prices and packages in an effort to compete for your business and drastically reduce your fees related to international communications charges.

In order to avoid the costs of a second phone account, some will switch SIM cards in one phone but this involves other, at-times complicated set-up issues, that are more easily dealt with by carrying two different mobile phones. Two phones, however, is not the optimal, most convenient option.

Simplifying Things

Purchasing virtual phone numbers and adding the feature to forward calls internationally has many benefits. While some phone systems and/ or plans will not allow you to forward your calls to a number outside of the United States, with a virtual phone number and call forwarding feature, you are able to forward calls internationally. United World Telecom offers virtual phone numbers with the feature to forward calls internationally across over 150 countries worldwide.

With the use of virtual phone numbers and the ability to forward calls internationally, internet access is used to reroute calls, so transferring calls offers a great deal of flexibility, ease of control as far as where your calls go wherever you are located and whatever phone you happen to be using at that time.

Millions of travelers, whether for business or personal purposes, enjoy the reductions of communications costs while they are out of the country. These calls can be forwarded to mobile phone lines or landlines with ease.

You never have to miss important calls again. When you forward calls internationally, you can receive business calls on any device, at any time and at any location. You can automatically forward phone calls to any phone number, such as your office, home, or even a personal mobile number to ensure your calls always get answered. You can forward calls to any extension, group, phone number, or individual department sequentially or simultaneously.

Forwarding Calls Internationally with United World Telecom

With United World Telecom, it is simple to change your settings at any time to forward calls internationally. You can do this from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with just a few clicks. With a small number of clicks, you can easily set up and change the rules for your feature to forward calls internationally. You are able to set it up so that callers can first hear a company greeting or an individual greeting, as customizable voicemail greetings are another important and convenient feature offered by United World Telecom.

It is simple to recognize the many benefits of using virtual phone numbers with the feature to forward calls internationally versus the traditional methods of making and receiving international calls. From the potentially extensive cost savings, to the ease of use, reliability, and the ease in managing this type of system, this type of solution is clearly superior to others. For anyone who travels internationally and does not want to miss phone calls, let United World Telecom help you find the right solution to your call forwarding needs. Our experienced global communications are available to assist you as needed, and they can help you choose the virtual phone number and features package that will best suit your needs.